Ciao, Bali! #Day 1

First Day in Bali

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.St. Augustine

I went on a trip to Bali for five days, four nights with my family and arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport on Monday afternoon. So, the adventure began. Oh, Bali is an island and province of Indonesia. Many tourists from all over the world. That is why Balinese can speak English fluently haha. To know more information about Bali, visit There are travel guide, tips and you can also book hotels and villas through it.

Look at the clouds! So beautiful, isn’t? If I could fly.. And touch the clouds lol

The lighting was perfect ➜ Camera ON. P.S: actually, I didn’t read the magazine at all. Just borrowed it for posing ?

After I set my foot on the land, my stomach growled, so we went to a famous restaurant called ‘Solaria’. Their foods quite delicious and of course I didn’t forget to take selfie.. with my lovely sisters.

Found this and captured it.

I stayed at The Jayakarta, Legian because it only took around 5 minutes to go to Kuta beach. If you like traditional design, this is the right place for you. There were many western people and you will feel like living in America ? basically, my room was like a flat. There were kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom.

This is the lobby~

Yeah, this was our room.

Twin beds~

The kitchen. The resort provides cooking equipments even dish soap.

I went for a walk and it was already 10pm, but you can see it was still crowded. There were many pubs, stores along the street, taxis and hotels were everywhere. You can imagine it, right?

Indeed, this trip was very fun and exciting. I can’t wait to post my second day at Baliii.

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