How to Fall Asleep Faster

Get to Sleep Instantly

I love sleeping because dreams are way better than reality.

Oh hello, everyone! I bring a good news today. I am so excited because I just received an email that says ‘You Got Accepted at BCIT’. Now, I’m a college student haha (not yet tho). I have waited this email for a week. Becoming a freshman is somehow exciting, isn’t? Should I post about preparation for college, etc? 

Back to main topic. I forgot we are talking about sleep here. Well, I can’t get to sleep easily sometimes. Is it called insomnia? “Inability to sleep”, says Google. I think it can be risky, if you have it for months because it surely disrupts your daily life. Hopefully, these tips can help you a lot.

First of all, RELAX YOUR MIND. The main reasons why you couldn’t sleep are because you are thinking, stressing, wondering about something or someone (oops). Especially, if you are a student, an employee, or even a CEO. It’s normal to get stress over something (it’s a human nature); however, it will be better if you can relax your mind for a bit, right? Now, how do I relax my mind? Actually, there are a thousand ways, believe it or not. You can take a hot shower or get soaked in a hot bath, playing games, read a novel, eat snacks (I don’t recommend this. You know why), watching tv, yoga, workout, stretching, hearing soothing sounds, imagine relaxing scenes. Guess whatever you can do that makes you become more relaxed. I usually drink a glass of warm milk to relax my mind.


After that, FIND YOUR COMFORTABLE POSITION for sleep. Make your body as comfortable as you can. If you get cold, wear a blanket and fix your room temperature as well.

I really want you to try to COUNT REPEATEDLY 1-100 IN YOUR MIND . It always helps me. Slowly, drifting off into a nice peaceful sleep.

Before you go to bed, MAKE YOURSELF TIRED. Like I said, by exercising and also cleaning your room lol. I usually do workout 2-3 hours earlier before I go to sleep, so that I don’t sweat my bed.

I hope everything goes well for insomniacs, because it is truly unpleasant. Wait for my next post !!

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