Going Around in Nusa Dua Bali #Day 2 (Part 2)

A Long..Long Day

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

So, here I am, going back writing my travel diary. The previous post is about Water Blows, yeah? I am still gonna continue to share what I did over there. You see, there are many beautiful places in Water Blow, so I am going to show you all of them. 

There is an alley near the beach. I don’t know where is the end of the alley because I only took the pictures at the entrance. I wonder where it is.. The lighting and the trees made it perfect as a background. Anyway, I took the photos with my phone, so the images quality is rather bad(?)

travel to Balitravel to Balitravel to bali

And next is Mulia Resort. It is a luxury, elegant, wonderful hotel, but the western people were only few. Most of the visitors are coming from Asia, India, Africa.. I guess. This resort is located at Nusa Dua, Bali. I didn’t stay here; therefore I don’t know much information of this resort. I came here because my aunt from Jakarta stayed here at a villa and my family wanted to visit her. Her villa was within the area of Mulia Resort, which was quite far from the lobby, but no worry because small cars that similar to golf cart will take you anywhere within the area of course. Unfortunately, you can’t drive the golf cart by yourself because there are assigned drivers that ready to assist you. There is a spa center too for spa lovers like me. Photos below are all at lobby first floor.

mulia resort baliThe receptionmulia hotel balimulia resort balimulia resort balimulia resort baliThe marvelous lampmulia resort balimulia resort bali

I love the interior design. It is an amazing, spectacular design I have ever seen. I feel in love with this resort at the first sight, especially the view from the balcony. I really regret I didn’t go down there smh.

mulia resort PARADISE BABE!

Look at the both swimming pools. The water is so clear despite my camera quality. It is really a heaven on earth.

mulia resort bali

mulia resort bali

I think the first picture is the hotel because there are two types of rooms, villa and hotel, but I prefer villa though.

Besides the view, the balcony also has sofas, so that people can enjoy the view and feel the gentle breeze. I bet the night sky is beautiful, full of stars. The furnitures are designed so cool and comfy. I can sleep and eat snacks on the sofa all day.

mulia resort balimulia resort balimulia resort balimulia resort bali

I will show the villa in my next post. If you know and have ever stayed here, feel free to add more information about this resort in the comment section below. Thank you.

The next destinations: the villa and Ayana Resort

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