Got A Flower Bouquet?!

A Wonderful Flower Bouquet?

A flower blossoms for its own joy.Oscar Wilde

A flower delivery came to my house two days ago. For a second, I thought he sent it by mistake, but then I saw the bouquet. Wow, such a wonderful bouquet of flowers❤️ its smell so good. I don’t know what kinds of flowers they are. I was surprised and couldn’t contain my happiness. Is there a secret admirer? Who sent me this bouquet of flowers? What a kind man, I thought. Wait.. I found a postcard clipped on. Opened it and guess what. That pretty bouquet is not for me, but for my youngest sister. I was like ”okay, it’s not for me”. Wasn’t entirely disappointed though. 

I uploaded it on snapchat. Not showing off, but for making a joke with a caption telling it’s from my boyfriend and then the next caption ‘just kidding’. My sister laughed at me looking my story snapchat.

My sister has a boyfriend from UK, so yeah her boyfriend sent this to her along with lovey dovey postcard. What a romantic dude XD It is still smell good~ I edited these pictures below using Snapseed, a photo editor developed by Google. It is awesome. Download it on iTunes or Google Play.

I also found this in my garden about few days ago. It is not just a butterfly, but a HUGE butterfly. Oh my god.

I swear it is like a cockroach with huge wings on it. I cannot imagine if that butterfly lands on my hand or other parts of my body like ewww. However, it is so beautiful I want to catch it, frame it then hang it on my wall. I’m not that cruel though hahaha.

Will come back later, so stay tuned for my next post.

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