Graduation Ceremony

Say Goodbye To High School ?

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.Nelson Mandela

I did it! Finally, I graduated from my high school, Cita Hati. Time to say goodbye.. I still remember applied to this school when I was in grade seven. Do all the projects, assignments, examinations, exercises which I utterly hate but will absolutely miss all my friends and teachers. I will cherish all the memories that we made in this school from the most embarrassing moment until the happiest moment. Not just subjects that I learnt, but also friendship, people, and many more.

My school celebrated our graduation at luxury hotel, JW Marriott on 15 June 2017. The theme was ‘See You at The Top’. Meaning that we all will see each other in the future and be successful. I was so nervous when my name was called to receive a scroll holder. Walked on the stage, hoped that I wouldn’t slip and fall dramatically. Glad that did not happen to me! Oh, I also received Visual Art Award. Thank to God.

Can you guess which one is me? haha. Hint: I’m in the middle front. Sorry, the photo quality is so bad. After received the scroll holder and award, we gave small bouquets of flowers to our parents with handwriting message. Well, my parents proud of me. I love seeing their broad smiles toward me.

I found a message with touching words to write in the card.

Strolled around the hotel.

My best friend ?

My classmates from grade ten until twelve. I will miss you, guys?

A brighter future awaits all of us! We all may be separated, but our memories still live in our hearts~

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