Hello, Vancouver

I come back! I was busy with college, so I apologize in advance. Anyway, I am going to show you around in Vancouver. Well, at first, I wanted to live in Quebec. However, I cannot speak French haha.. *crying in the corner*

If you asked me what I like about Vancouver so far, I would say the people are nice here. Vancouver is a multicultural province. There are many Asian, Iranian, and Indian people. Another thing that I like is everything almost automatic. It is quite different from my city. Now, what I dislike about Vancouver is.. to be honest, I don’t know lol I haven’t found it yet. I have been here for four months, so I don’t know much. Oh, the weather. I don’t like raining and winter (you know why).

Eh is it blurry? 🙁My neighbors


It is indeed beautiful. The crowded streets with vehicles and people. What a busy day.

My college is in downtown until March. These are photos what BCIt downtown looks like. I prefer the main campus in Burnaby because it is more spacious.

Can you imagine me running and waiting for the elevator every morning lmao

Main campus located in Burnaby

How is it so far? I am not finished yet. There are still tons of pictures I need to post, so..


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