The Last Day in Bali #Day 4

Going Home

Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.

Back to salt mines. This is my last day at Bali. It was such a wonderful trip. Met new people and learnt its unique culture. I miss Bali very much, so I plan to come here again this September and spend all my vouchers there. I cannot wait.

Morning came up and we went straight to airport because our boarding time was at 9am. That is why this post is not going to be full like the previous posts. While we were waiting, we found a nice cafe, which I forgot its name. We ordered a mix ice(?) it’s called ‘es campur‘ here. Cold and sweet dessert. Basically, it’s a shaved ice with diced fruits, syrup, coconut and milk. If you love ice cream (who does not love ice cream here?), I am sure you will like it.

es campures campurThere are watermelon, melon and grass jelly mix with milk and syrup.


The cafe is.. how do I say it? simple, but ‘wow’ because look at the ceiling. The bird cages.. really creative.

After we ate, I took some photos for the last time. Well, for my blog’s sake. Actually I am not a confident person. It takes a lot of effort to take photos everywhere and don’t care people staring at me. You see, sometimes we need to change to be better so yeah I plan to make vlogs, guys. Talking to camera is absolutely weird to me, but I will try it probably. I still don’t have a camera and a stick tho. Maybe, when I study abroad at Canada. I will show my college, my program and my new life at Vancouver. For the first vlog, I bet there will be many ‘um’ ‘well’ ‘yeah’ ‘eee’, but hopefully not. I am going to try my best anddd for the note, I’m not good at editing videos so I must learn beforehand hehe.

airportairport fashiondamn, where is my face? why I looked like a smurf?

All photos in Bali taken by my sisters.

My last post in Bali, but stay tuned for my next post.

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