Lost in Bali

Thrilling Experience

Getting lost is never a waste of time.

No kidding.. Me and my family were really lost in Bali. It was a thrilling moment and it’s kinda funny right now because I never thought before that I would lost in a city that I know really well (I have already gone there so many times). Fortunately, we had already arrived at our hotel before the sunrise ahaha. 

09.00PM : Before the incident happened..

We didn’t have breakfast that day because we planned to eat outside. Yes, we found a small fast food restaurant at the side of the road. We were too hungry, so we didn’t care too much what kind of food they have.

the box bali

Annddd here are the foods!

spaghettiCarbonara spaghetti without beef

pizzaThis is not a pizza, it’s my boyfriend!

pizzaWhat a good life

teriyakiA Japanese food called ‘Chicken Teriyaki’

Now, let’s stay at the beach for awhile. Enjoy breezes, sand and a corn. A good combination?


Beachwalk is a shopping cetre a.k.a mall in Bali. I bought several winter clothes and jeans there.

BeachwalkBeachwalk, Kuta, Bali. 

BeachwalkWow the colorful lights



vendorIndonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean drink called ‘Cendol’, consists of brown sugar, coconut milk, jackfruit (any fruits) and rice flour jelly.

After dinner, we went to Hard Rock Hotel. Not that far from Beachwalk. Well, we were just looking and taking photos. The pool! It’s so beautiful and I didn’t have a chance to take the photos. I want to stay there someday.

hard rock balihard rock balihard rock bali

The incident happened: 11.00PM

Time to go back.. Let’s use the ‘fastest’ way, but wait, why it’s so quite?

lostNow where are we going?

lostIt’s getting creepy

lostNah, we’re not alone. A restaurant!

lostReally? A wedding? Are we still lost?

Finally, arrived at hotel at 1AM. Extremely exhausted, relieved, felt awful, but thanks to the pool, I can relax my legs.

legsMy legs hurt so much. 3 band aids on my foot

band aidOne of my band aids couldn’t handle my leg anymore. Goodbye, friend

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