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I come backkkk! I didn’t know what to post seriously, but somehow a miracle happened. My aunt from Canada visited me and brought a present for my family. So, eventually, I have something to post about (yay). Finally! Also, this is my first time reviewing products. This post is not sponsored by any companies.

Okay, there are two chocolates, but I’m not going to talk about it because they are not mine haha. All products are Bath & Body Works.¬†So, the first one is “Dark Kiss” (sounds sexy eh), a perfume that smells seductive. I am not kidding. Try to say hi to your crush using this perfume and see his reaction. Basically, it is a¬†blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose and dark vanilla bean. Can you imagine its smell?


You can buy this over here. Only $14.00. There are also body cream, body lotion, shower gel with this smell.

The second one is ‘Mad About You’, a shower gel containing shea butter, vitamin E and Aloe. It is a blend of blackcurrant, bright peony and vanilla musk. A real sweet smell, so I wonder why it’s called Mad About You.

shower gelshower gel

shower gel

Buy it here. There are also perfume, body cream and body lotion.

The last product is ‘Sensual Amber’, a body cream containing shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe butter. To me, the smell is a little bit sour like tropical fruits. It says 24 hours moisture, so it is good for during winter because it will keep your skin moisturized. Buy it here.

moisturizermoisturizermoisturizerA drop of Sensual Amber


That’s all. I love Bath & Body Works products, specially the smell. They all smell awesome from sour, sweet, elegant, sexy.. Any products similar to B&BW that you like?

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