When Puberty Hits You Hard

News: Puberty Hit Someone Like a Truck !

Hi, readers. Time flies so fast, huh? We know that people can change. Not only their personalities, but also their appearances. Some people are lucky that they were born with pretty face and when puberty hits them, they become more attractive. Well, but the important thing is your personality. There is a quote that says “ugly personality destroys pretty face”. I think It’s a fact!

Actually, I’m not that confident showing off my face when I was 6 years old, I guess. It was around 2004, but I want to show you that puberty really transforms you. Not entirely different from when I was small, but quite amazing transformation. Even if, my face doesn’t change, I’m still gonna show you what I looked like. Why? Because I appreciate my face no matter what it looks like, no matter what my face becomes. Feel grateful, feel thankful and feel confident. That’s what we need to feel! Each person is unique and special in their own ways 😉 so don’t care about what people say. Be Yourself!

This is another photo that reminds me how fast time it is. I couldn’t believe it that I took this photo in 2010. I already lost that red jacket and can’t fit me anymore. I miss it ∼ miss the old memories. Anyone has a time machine? Let me borrow it XD I still remember how I used to play barbies, dolls, cooking hahaha such teary memories. Oh, when one of my barbies lost her head and I must find it, otherwise my mom would be so angry. I had like over ten dolls in my bedroom and they always stared at me when I was asleep. What makes me confuse is that I can play cooking, but can’t really cook. Is that relatable for you? How sad that we can’t go back to that time. If you could, would you do it? it doesn’t mean that I don’t like my life. Nooo.. I love my past tense, my present tense and of course my future tense. Eh?

As we know, many celebrities put their puberty photos on their social media, like Lele Pons and many more. That’s why I want to post as well. They didn’t feel embarrass when they posted it, so why we embarrass with ours, right? We should celebrate our transformation. Fiestaa! *I’m trying to speak Spanish here. Please teach me*

My post is getting weird and weird, so I need to stop. If not, it will become the weirdest post in my blog. Stay tuned, readers. I will come backkk. Adiós!


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