Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

Why You Should Start Blogging?

Blogging is not about publishing as much as you can. It is about publishing as smart as you can.Jon Morrow

First of all, I know blogging is quite hard for beginners, especially when you don’t have any ideas to post about. I live in Surabaya and I say it is very hard to find ideas here. I don’t travel a lot, I am not make-up lover like my sisters, I don’t know any DIY, tips and hacks. How sad, but that doesn’t make me stop blogging. No matter how hard it is, I will think any ideas that my readers will love it. Oh, and I don’t understand any codes for website. I admit I’m purely beginner, but still keep going haha. Maybe blogging is your passion and why don’t you try it. For beginners, yes, your viewers are only some, no comments and only few subscribers. Here are reasons why you should start blogging!

1. Educate people

When you share some useful information through your blog. it means you educate people. With information that you give, you can help people. Perhaps you can share some tips, hacks or ‘How To..”. Not all people know that information and it will help them a lot. Like ‘How to get closer to your teacher’, travel tips, college hacks and many more. Honestly, I don’t know any fun hacks or tips you may need. That is why I like watching life hacks videos on youtube.

2. Motivate and inspire people

Motivate people? Yes. Well, if you have some inspiring stories and experience, you can share them or if you are quote lover like me, you can post it. You see there is always a quote on my every post. I believe some people out there may need motivation and encouragement. For an example, you won a gold medal then you wanted to share it because of your work hard.

3. Interact with people

With blogging, you can interact with other people and some may be bloggers. Of course Interact through comments. So, I suggest to turn on your comment section and people will be enabled to say something. You can also be friends with them and share blogging tips. It will be fun.

4. Become more creative and confident

If you want to post DIY, hand crafts, you must make something and that requires ideas and creativity. You will be more creative with making a DIY blog. Designing a blog also needs creativity. You need to make your blog appearance interesting; therefore creativity skill is important. What about confident? sharing your personal stories, replying comments. All of that need confidence, so.. be confidence!

5. Business

Who says bloggers can’t earn money? There are many ways how to earn money through blogging. With Google Adsense, you can put advertises on your blog. When people click it, money comes. Other way is sponsorship. If your website is famous enough, other brands will sponsor you. You get the money, you get the product. How great is that?

6. As your diary

Lifestyle blog is like your diary. Your everyday activities turn into posts. If you like writing diary, you should make a lifestyle blog. Maybe ‘What Did I Eat Today?’ or whatever. Many people fancy reading people’s lives. It is true though. Because every life is interesting lol.

7. Keep you busy

I don’t know what to do. No activities, no tasks. Summer holiday is so boring. Watching tv, eat, sleep and so on. When you are a blogger, there is no ‘nothing to do’. You must think any ideas for the next post, post it regularly, do something if you need to make it into post. You can still do other activities as usual, but there is no ‘nothing to do’ anymore.

8. Be proud, be famous

When your blog is famous and lots of traffic, you must be proud of yourself. These posts were made by your own sweat. Also, when your blog is famous, automatically you are a famous person. Everyone will recognize you. However, it needs time, a process to be famous. People say it is 2 years(?) Anyway, you need to be consistent.

9. It is free

There are few sites that let you make free websites, such as Wix, Yola, Weebly and etc. Google will let you know. The famous ones are WordPress and Blogger from Google. If you want to make a paid website, you must buy a hosting and a domain which you must repay to extend the period. There areĀ Namecheap, GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc. For free themes, you can check at WordPress and blogger. I guess all sites provide free themes. The disadvantage of free theme compares to paid one is less features, but I recommend to use free theme first for beginners as you don’t know whether you want to continue your blog or not.

10. Any reasons?

If you have any reasons why we should start blogging, feel free to comment as you help people as well.

Allright, what next post I should post about?

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