Study Aboard to Canada

Never Give Up

My dream has been come true! I have never thought before that I could do it. I am used to set my dream college as my phone wallpaper and now here I am living in Canada. What a miracle. I always want to study abroad since high school because I want something different.

There are many advantages of studying abroad like being independent, knowing another culture, having new friends with different nationalities, being more confident and mature. However, the disadvantage is you will miss your family, friends, and home badly (let’s call it homesick). You just want to go back to your country, especially when you have a problem which you have to solve it by yourself.

I went to Canada on 17 October (it was autumn!), so yeah I have been here for exact couple months.  Winter is coming and I already can feel the cold air. To be honest, I am still adapting because there is no winter in my country, only summer and rain. Oh, I cannot wait for Boxing Day! Ten days more. I will roam all shops, all malls, and everything which has price list.

Canada Air Airplane

Mashed potato, ham, vegetable, mini tomato, a bread, and some fruitsChicken teriyaki, a bread, and a cup of milkChicken fried rice, fruits, a bread, a yogurt, and a cup of apple juice

Transited in Hong KongWhile we were waiting haha

Hello, Vancouver!

Okay, the adventure starts now.

My next post will be about.. Wait for it!

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