Sunset at Kuta Beach, Bali #Day 3

Precious Moment

Travel is the healthiest addiction.

The third day and I still miss Bali until now. There were Brasco, Pandawa Beach, Kuta Beach, … on my go-to list. Beach again, but that’s what Bali is famous for. Only few places you visited? yes, because I spent a long time shopping at Brasco. Oh well what to do? that’s normal for girls.

In the morning, I took a walk around the resort and went to the swimming pool area. It was crowded. There are also many people that sell souvenirs, small merchandises.

swimming pool at Jayakartaswimming pool bali

Okay, first of all, we went to Brasco, a factory outlet. Here, famous brands like Michael Klein, Guess, etc are super cheap, believe it or not. I bought a lace dress(?) and it looks perfect with the necklace I bought at Krisna.

brasco baliCan you see the white necklace?

Next, we went to Pandawa Beach, but it was so crowded, so we were there only for five minutes and then continue to Kuta Beach, near my hotel.

kuta baliBehind the Kuta Beach

Kuta beach Balikuta beach balikuta beach balikuta beach baliSo cloudy

I love playing with the sea.

kuta beach bali

and the sand…kuta beach bali

My favorite thing to do when I’m at the beach is picking up shells. Is that childish?

kuta beach

Kuta beach is one of good places for relaxing. Bring a sunscreen, novel, and sunglasses.

kuta beach balikuta beachkuta beachkuta beachkuta beach

The sunset in Kuta Beach is so wonderful. You should witness it.

kuta beachkuta beachkuta beachsunset kutakuta beachkuta beach

The night is also beautiful accompanied by music.

kuta beachkuta beach

Now, time to go to Seminyak Square, a place full of restaurants and stores that located at Seminyak, but do you know what, when I came, the Seminyak Square was already closed. Haha so disappointed.

Seminyak square baliA photo booth. Not that bad tho

Where did we go then? No aim, just walked along the street. Restaurants and pubs are everywhere. One word for it: crowded. Look at all the cars and motorcycles. I watched people went to a pub called B… I forgot. Near Natsy Restaurant. You can see it from the first following picture.

Seminyak baliseminyak bali

After few steps, we found a cafe called Cafe Bali. Their foods looked good and also cheap. I sit at the outside area, have a better view than at the inside cafe.

cafe balicafe balicafe baliview cafe baliThe view outside

cafe baliThe table decorations

Now, let’s rate the foods. I ordered sate, an Indonesia food. It is a meat with peanut sauce. Very delicious. I forgot to take the pictures and also the drinks.

cafe baliA pumpkin soup

cafe baliA dessert called Sweet Delight

Okay.. There are so many photos I think my blog turned to be a photography blog. The next post is the last day at Bali. Wait for it, readers. I will post it as fast as possible.

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