The Struggles of Being Petite

Petite and Short

And though she be but little, she is fierce.Shakespeare

Helllooooo, everyone!!! Today is so hot.. No rain, no wind. I’m melting here. The good news is I have something to talk about (yiiippee), the real struggles of being petite. Are they any short people here?

My height is only 150 cm. Can you imagine how short I am? I also have baby face; therefore many people think I’m still in high school. Excuse me, I am 19 years old this year. I’m not a kid anymore, but my parents still treat me like a kid wew. There was a time when I consumed pills to make me taller and drank many glasses full of milk. So scary. I will tell you how short people’s lives look like. The bad parts.

One of the struggles is when you are standing between two tall people. Feel awkward and I don’t know..  Funny? Look at the following picture. I stood in the middle with tall people around me. See the struggle?

struggle of being short

When you have to look up to talk. Every time you talk to taller people, you have to look up and make eye contact with them. It hurts my neck so bad and imagine if we talk for four hours? Let me be giraffe then.

You can’t run fast enough with short legs. I couldn’t compete with others that taller than me when there was a running competition. I must speed up my legs two times more. Gosh.

You need a chair to grab something from the top shelf or cabinet. Almost everyday I have to tip toe to take a piece of tissue on the wardrobe. Oh God why?

People mostly look down on you. I don’t why, but bullies literally always pick short people for their victims. That’s why self-defense is important. I learnt karate when I was a kid to protect myself.

Easily disappear when you are in the middle of crowds. You know what I mean. Poof. Then, you can’t see what in front of you if tall people are standing or sitting after you. For example, watching at the cinema, watching a band and taking picture with tall people(when they cover you from the camera and don’t care about you at all). It always irritates me.

The last struggle is you can’t kiss your boyfriend easily. You have to tip toe and you will never get a chance to give a surprise kiss when he is standing.

There are still many struggles I can’t tell you, but at least you can imagine how hard short people’s lives. In the next life, let me be a tall person, dear God. Is that even possible?

Wait for my next post! See you

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