The Waterfall

There is a hidden message in every waterfall. It says, if you are flexible, falling will not hurt you.Mehmet Murat Ildan

I am so excited right now because I am going to volunteer this week and it is my first time. I cannot wait to make new friends, doing the job, and having fun with everyone. I certainly will post it next week(?).

So, let’s continue the story, my experience in Bali. I went to a waterfall called Gitgit. It is a beautiful waterfall. You can swim and jump off from the cliff. There are other famous waterfalls, but I chose this one.

waterfallwaterfallwaterfallwaterfallYou can swim all the way you want, but are you strong enough to handle the cold water?

waterfallwaterfallwaterfallwaterfallFocus on the background

Wonderful, isn’t? but before you can feel the water and see the waterfall, you have to walk a long long way like crazy. My feet were numb and I left my water in the car. How perfect; however, the view is worthwhile, I guess.

First, you have to walk and surrounded by forest and chasms, so be careful.

walkThe chasm

waterfallThe river

riverriverroadWalk walk walk

Scary, but you have to cross it


Nah, it was quite a fight to see the waterfall then you have to go back through that path again. At least, I have some memories with me, thus never forget to bring an camera unless you want to forget it.

There are still many things that I have to share about Bali, so bear with me. After, the posts about Bali, next is about Canada, where I live right now. Yes, Vancouver city it is.

Stay tuned, readers.

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