Tips For Healthy Diet

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

It’s not a SHORT TERM diet. It’s a LONG TERM lifestyle change.

I feel so tired because my maid went home and never come back, so I have to do all the house chores from washing dishes to cook. I also need to buy groceries later. What should I cook for dinner? Anyway, I’m going to talk about diet. Why diet all of sudden? Because I don’t know what to talk about. I got this idea when I took a shower. That’s where I always get my ideas. The best place indeed. Is it relatable or just me?

Many of you feel that diet is difficult, scary and annoying. I know those feelings well. Fortunately, I never diet in my life because my weight is only 40 kg, never goes up and down. Even if I eat 3 plates of rice, my weight only increases a little bit and then back to normal weight again. Well, now I give you some tips for diet that I know. Excuse my english.

The first thing you need to do is LOVE YOURSELF despite your physique and your appearance. Oh, baby, you should go and love yourself~ it’s the most important thing. Even though you have a nice body, but you don’t appreciate yourself, that is called pathetic. So, the first you need to do is love yourself. After that, you can continue to my next step.

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The next step is EAT SMALL PORTIONS for 6 – 7 times or eat every two hours. It’s troublesome because you have to wash the dishes after that, but hey it is important. The reason is why eating little is important. Then, eat slowly and feel the taste. So, yeah, you need to reduce and control the portion size.

Don’t forget to PLAN YOUR MEALS in advance. Make a list of your meals every week and COUNT THE CALORIES. For example, I found a very cool weekly meal plan by You can download the PDF file HERE.

EXERCISE REGULARLY to keep healthy. There are many workout applications now in Google Play and iTunes. Do at least 2 hours and it will burn down your calories.

STAY MOTIVATED, DON’T QUIT. Read tips for diet books, put a motivation poster on your wall, set a reminder to exercise everyday so you don’t forget.

I love eating snacks because they are the best when you are watching Netflix, but do you know that you must AVOID SNACKS with high calories every night? It only makes you fat. I know it is delicious though. Such a dilemma.

Besides snacks, you also have to AVOID JUNK FOOD. They are tasty, but dangerous when you eat them everyday. You know like killing you softly. It is hard to refuse them when they are in front of your eyes. Oh no, again, a dilemma.

Those are tips and steps how to do a healthy diet. I hope you can do it healthily, naturally without any medications. Good luck.


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