Top 15 Spanish Songs

My Favorite ~

Hola, everyone! What a hermoso dia *There is no harm in mixing languages* Pssst.. I can’t speak Spanish. Oh well, what to do because Spanish is my second favorite language after English. The accent and the intonation, they are attractive. That’s the reason why I always wish I could go to Spain someday. Besides the language, I also want to learn its culture because it’s interesting. 

top Spanish songs wooahh I wanna fly above the buildings

I immensely like Spanish songs (especially Enrique Iglesias’s and Shakira’s songs) and always update it every week, so imagine how many songs I have in my phone including the English version. Enrique’s songs are subtly fantastic, particularly the rhythms and the lyrics. You can just skip his songs, if you don’t like it.

These are my favorite and top Spanish songs.. in my phone. Enjoy

That’s all for my Spanish songs. Not that many actually, only 15 songs.. But I wonder why my songs in total are 833. My memory card phone can’t even handle my addiction to music. The reminder that says ‘There is not enough space. Please delete some files’ always pops up on my screen. I think I need to buy a new phone, seriously..?

If you like Despacito song, you will enjoy this version, created by Conor Maynard. Click HERE

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