Trip to Bali (Again?)

Last Holiday

Sorry for not posting anything last week because I went to Bali with my family and my sister’s boyfriend. It was my last holiday before I’m going to Canada this month. Oh no, I’m going to miss my family and all my friends here. As you know, I’ve already gone to Bali many times before (check previous post to Bali HERE) and still love Bali very much. This trip is different from my previous trip to Bali, so if you think that this post is going to be the same with the previous post to Bali, you are wrong. 

traffic jam at baliAs usual.. Traffic jam

airport baliThe airport

trip to baliDo you still remember this phrase in my previous post to Bali?

jayakarta resortWhat? You stayed at Jayakarta resort again?

I had to stay at Jayakarta resort because I need to use my voucher, so yeah.. If you want to know the rooms, check HERE

jayakarta resortThe pool

jayakarta resort baliLet me swim

beautifulThis is not a pool. A pond, perhaps?

dream catcherA dream catcher keychain from Krisna (see HERE about Krisna)

braceletPretty pearls bracelets. The colors are subtle pink and gray (sorry for the warm light)

hand creamA banana hand cream before I go to Canada because it’s going to be winter there

mango candyThis is mango candy or you can say mango sweets or whatever. It’s a sweet sour snack. Well, mango mixed with sugar. Have you ever tried it? Here, it’s called ‘manisan’, so any fruits mixed with sugar.

selfieBought a manual fan haha. It’s quite pretty with the artistic Batik pattern. P.S: Don’t mind my face.

And the last thing I did, enjoy a cup of coffee. Glad that I could still fall asleep haha.


No, it’s not finished yet. There will be incoming posts about Bali. Wait for it, will yaaaa?

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