Unforgettable Moment in Bali #Day 2 (Part 3)

The Picturesque Sunset

Don’t be a tourist, be a traveler.

I promise this is the last part of day 2. Alright, so, we went to my aunt’s villa in Mulia Resort. You can see my previous post, Going Around in Nusa Dua Bali, which is about Mulia Resort. The villa, as expected, luxury, modern style.¬†

Because of a reason, I could only take a picture of the bathroom. There is an outside shower beside the bathroom, behind the curtain. It is a tropical style shower, so there are some plants and stones around the shower.

villa at mulia resort bali

It has a swimming pool and poolside lounges for relaxing. Behind me, was a living room. There are sofa, coffee table, round table, chairs and a small garden too. How perfect.

mulia resort balimulia villa balimulia resort balimulia resort bali

I litteraly wanted to jump into the water, but I didn’t bring my swimwear. My bad. However, my foot still can swim :p the water was rather cold..

Next, we went to Ayana Resort. Why? because it’s a famous place and one of tourist attractions with its traditional style. Well, there is an outside restaurant in the resort, where you can eat and enjoy the sunset. I did not go to the restaurant, only watched the sunset because the restaurant is always full. You need to wait first before you can get the table.

Some securities that going around in the area of resort always bring their dogs, Labrador. Wow, they are so cute (I mean the dogs, not the securities)

ayana resort baliayana resort baliAyana resort baliJust like us, those people were waiting for the sunset. Ready to take pictures.

While we were waiting for the sunset, I went around taking pictures and found a good spot hooray.

ayana resort baliayana resort balisunset view ayana baliThe sunset was coming! Look at the awesome color blend.

sunset view

Back to the sunset spot where people were waiting. Now, the real show.

ayana resort baliBali sunset viewThis is so beautiful. I think it was the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my life.

The sunset party had already over, but there was always party every night at Ayana Resort. There were few people eating and would enjoy the party. A torch, loud music and food. What a perfect combination.

ayana resort bali

After a long day, we went to Krisna. It is a souvenir store that has many branches in Bali. we went to the Sunset Road one. Krisna has many kinds of souvenir from body scrubs, snacks, accessories, toys and many more. When you come to Bali, I recommend to buy ‘milk pie’, here it is called pie susu. It is a mini pie made of flour, milk and eggs, I guess. The most famous brands are ‘Dhian’ and ‘Enak‘, but Enak has its own store; therefore you need to visit the place, or order by call. ¬†Because I like milk pie, I do not care whatever brand it is, as long as it is milk pie, I would buy it and.. nothing can stop me. I can eat for four boxes, If I want. Another snack is Kacang Matahari. It is peanuts, but not just peanuts. It has an unordinary taste. My parents always search for it whenever we go to Bali. Krisna doesn’t sell it I guess because I cannot find it every time I go there. Anyway, those snacks I recommended are the best.

I bought a ‘sexy’ white necklace at Krisna. Only twelve thousand rupiah. There were only two colors that I saw, black and white. I chose the white one and it will be a good combination with the new shirt I bought at Brasco, which I will share in the next post.


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