What Is This This Blog About ?

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Once upon a time.. Ooh la la! The journey is begin!! Finally the first post. It’s about this blog. I’ve read many websites about blogger beginner tips, tutorials, guides and etc. Seriously, they’re very confusing but I’m learning. I’ve never thought that I will be blogger someday because actually I don’t have time for blogging. Not because I have to work but I have to study. Yeah, that’s one of student’s jobs. Who like study here? lol I think no one. But because I designed this blog very hard, I want to focus on blogging. I’ll post everyday or every two days. What do you think? You can give your opinions, tips, advises or anything you want so this blog has improvement from all of you. I’ll appreciate it 🙂

Some of you are wondering what is this blog about. Okayy.. I’ll tell you. *clean throat* This blog is about.. LIFESTYLE ! I think from the logo “My Life Tastes”, you know it’s about life. Okay, be specific please. Honestly, I don’t know, but I’m sure there are many things I want to tell you. For example: DIY, quotes (I love quotes. I think I’ll post a quote everyday like #Quoteoftheday), beauty products, favourite things of the month (ex: favourite things in June 2016), fashion (like #OOTD), travel (if I go somewhere), etc. All my posts will be fun and interesting!! (I promise *scout promise*)



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